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About us.

Welcome to Sweet Sorrow Theatre Company.

Founded in 2020, we are an inclusive, passionate and friendly theatrical community, dedicated to celebrating all that is Good, Bad, Ugly, Weird and Wonderful about the world.

Whether we're producing new works, modern plays, classical pieces, or simply social events we’ve got something for everyone to laugh, groan, sigh, or cry at.

Our ethos is to create theatre that creates a sense of belonging. It connects us to the wider world and to each other, whether that be as a member of an Audience or even as an Actor within a Company. We celebrate that joyous power that theatre has - and welcome you into our community

Meet the Team.

Edward loboda Headshot, main.jpg

Edward Loboda - Creative Director

Ed is an Actor, Writer and Producer who trained at the University of Birmingham and then the Shakespeare Institute. 

He founded Sweet Sorrow Theatre Company in a fit of productive madness in September of 2020, inspired by the idea of creating a truly social and inclusive theatre group - and out of a desire to say goodbye to what little free time he already had!

When not plotting to conquer the world, he can be found... conquering the world... virtually... on a computer (he plays too many video games...). He also enjoys climbing, long walks and being a total nerd. 

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